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Our Automotive Services

BulletPoint Windshield Repair
BulletPoint Window Replacement (Windshields, Side & Back glass)
BulletPoint Domestic & Foreign
BulletPoint Sunroofs
BulletPoint RV’s
BulletPoint Construction Equipment
BulletPoint We’ll troubleshoot leaks, wind noise and squeaks
BulletPoint Door glass repair for electric and manual windows

Services ALWAYS included:

BulletPoint Schedule and arrive for your “Exact On-Time” appointment
BulletPoint Mobile Service
BulletPoint Insurance Claim Processing
BulletPoint Vacuum the entire passenger compartment of your car
BulletPoint Clean all of your windows
BulletPoint Leave our work space cleaner than we found it.
BulletPoint Limited Lifetime Warranty
BulletPoint Professional installation of your windshield meeting or exceeding OEM specifications

Did You Know?

BulletPoint Your windshield provides structural support for the roof and in many vehicles the windshield is a key component of the Air Bag Safety System.
BulletPoint Serious injuries and fatalities have occurred due to improper glass installation.
BulletPoint Poor installation practices can lead to costlier repairs in the form of body work due to rust-causing scratches.
BulletPoint The Auto Glass industry is regulated and any safety device returned to the owner/operator of a vehicle in an inoperable condition is a violation of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.
BulletPoint Your windshield is a critical safety component of your vehicle whose performance requirements are outlined in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
BulletPoint The shortcuts some Auto Glass Installers take are WRONG.
Safe Drive Away Time: The adhesive, called urethane, used to attach your windshield must cure for a specified length of time. Dependent upon the brand and type of urethane used, the safe drive away time could be anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours. At Lizard Heights Glass, we only use high-quality fast-cure urethane adhesive to allow you to be on your way 45 minutes after installation.

Windshield Repair

About Windshield Repair:

BulletPoint It’s a quick and inexpensive way to restore the structural integrity of your windshield, prevent a crack from spreading, and it makes the blemish less visible.
BulletPoint Most insurance companies cover the cost of windshield repairs.
BulletPoint Repairs are made with a device that is applied to the damaged area that vacuums air from the cracks. Resin is then pumped in and exposed to UV light which causes it to cure and harden.
BulletPoint A technician has one chance to repair a crack. Once a crack has been repaired, it cannot be repaired a second time.

Common Repair Hazards in Sunny Arizona - Direct Sunlight:

BulletPoint Partial Repair
Performing repairs without shielding the repair area from the UV rays of the sun will cause the resin to cure before filling the cracks completely.
BulletPoint Flowering
Hot windshields can lead to de-lamination of the vinyl layer sandwiched between the glass panes when air is removed and resin is injected into the crack during the repair process. If this happens you’ll get a watery looking “flower”. Ideally glass temperature should be between 70 and 90 F. Generally speaking, if the glass is too hot to touch it’s too hot to repair.
BulletPoint Crack-Run
When a simple star break spreads the entire length of the windshield. The best way to prevent a crack-run is to cool a windshield before repairing it.







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